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SNOW BOARING#2 the night they came home…

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Early morning, its not quite dark and its far from warm – but the wild is a hardy beast, so off we go, pre brekkers to get the traps back (regular readers will remember we baited and set camera traps to capture the beast…)

Jeff and Paul retrieve a trap with some footage of ‘something’ and a further trap that showed a white screen, but they thought the first one had fox at New Fancy – bugger!

‘Soudley Ponds’ beckoned – known as a good site for Boar signs on previous trips by the family Miles and they weren’t wrong! Slots and wallows and snufflidge marks all over the shop…

Myself and young Chris got fed up with paths and disappeared into the woodland on a mission, lots of Sweet Chestnuts and a distinct boar feel and we soon displaced some large mammals that moved on just in front, suddenly one broke cover – a Roe Buck and two females.

Halfway through manoeuvres I pointed out the unmistakable sound of another Goshawk proclaiming territory – superb!

After a quick chat with another local, walking a large hound and astounded that we hadn’t seen a boar – the family saw them all the time.

Despondent the B Team left for sunny Slimbridge and further details can be had here:

However after a quick rip off bagette encounter and a rude man in a shop at Beechurst, we cut our loses and went with my suggestion – Symonds Yat here we come for a crack at one of GBs most enigmatic raptors.

Once more the only disappointment was the freezing wind chill as two magnificent Peregrines tussled in the air then jostled for position on the ledge opposite the watchpoint:


And a brace of Fallow Deer in the woods for the grand finale

So to sum up was the Forest of Dean a disappointment?

Not when we checked the 1am Fox footage in the cold light of the Breakfast table:


Enjoy – we did!

NEXT UP: the French have a certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to birdin’…

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