SNOW BOARING part one…

Apologies for delay,work,life and a holiday got in the way,but back on track and ready for the Summer migrants – but whatever happened to the FOD Boars…

So, after a mixed visit to Moore it was off to the borderland marshes of the Forest of Dean after a week that saw Fridays first before we set off – the closing of the Widnes/Runcorn Bridge due to falling Ice and Snow, in the 49 years the Weasel has walked the land a first!

So off we jolly well go the A-team on a mission – Warrington’s own Ian Reaves and father and son team Ben and Chris Miles (check out his blog too:

Would we see the Boar?

After meeting up with the other group – the Family Hill, including Cheshire Mammal group current chair, Paul and Ecologist and top all-rounder Jeff Clarke

6.30 am and it’s on the road to New Fancy Watch point and Speach House – pre Breakfast!!!

Usual Wild Boar chase ensued and tracks and signs a plenty,


but no Boar, so a compromise with a super Full English featuring Gloucester Old Spot sausages and back on the road to Cannop Ponds for a shedful of Mandarin Ducks –20 plus with this superb female to boot:


A quick flirt down the path and a target species spotted and shouted by the Woozle – one to get the pulse flowing in the sub-zero temps as a pair of Northern (if you must!) Goshawks paraded their wares like a tin pot Korean psychopath!


Big of hip and scalloped of wing with an unmistakable silhouette (unless you’re on ‘Bored’ Forums!) as they patrolled the killing fields and an encounter with the top avian predator of the woods – SORTED, pressure off…

A Kingfisher and a sparrow hawk encounter later and it’s time to set up a camera trap in an obvious boar feeding area for this evening:

A botched entry at New Fancy (barriers up and lots of cars and dogs) and Clarkie suggests a trip to church for a crack at Hawfinch, a big heavy set thunder god of a finch, which the great Lars Jonsson drew with a suggestion of an angry Kray Twins portrait:


Jeff’s got good ears and fairly soon after a walk around the churchyard we get onto the biggest flock of Hawfinch any of us have seen in the UK, with around 20 birds in a mixed flock with Bramblings and other finches, I must go to church more often!

I toddle around looking for more Haws and the party splits to set another camera trap and finds some reptile evidence as Ben proudly displays a female adder skin, headless and probably dispatched by a Boar – was the trail getting warmer?


Fully aled and fed we go out on technical manoeuvres – shining a big torch through woodland via car as the snow falls all around, some deer, an owl and a distinct lack of Obelix’s favourite snackette – to the morrow…


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