Slim Pickens

Struggling for the fix this week folks,what with work,birthdays and long dark nights the search for the predator has been difficult.

A morning meeting in Frodsham saw me delayed by the mournful cries of the local sparrow hawks as the female shot through like a bullet,rising on thermals above the wood and passing the male,small and tucked as she rose into the sky dance.

The breath taking display flights of one of my favourite species served to do what it as achieved every time through the years of woodland wanderings and lifted my spirits high,recharging my batteries as the frost glistened on the path.

And today’s journey to work and who’s lurking on the street lights after the crossroads,looking for the souls of virtuoso blues men,but my mate ‘Drackulus’ the common buzzard,not seen him for a while and always a bonus as his silhouette brightens any days travel…

The weekend brings possibilities before the BBH (big boar hunt) as we bird Moore
Nature Reserve – full report forthcoming.



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