Hello world!

Inspired by a comment when out birding from a great friend of mine who said “bloody hell Anno you and your Birds of Prey!” This is a blog about an obsession of mine, an outing in this form for my Nome de plume and a chance to encourage the search for the Predator in the day to day mundane existence  of modern life – if your spirit is enriched by the glimpse of a Peregrine Falcon on the journey to work, if you have poured with abandon over Jim Corbett and his Tiger encounters or just like to be up to speed with the modern thoughts and research on the Predators we encounter locally, nationally and globally, this could be the blog for you…

Join us on the voyage of discovery – one ground rule, tooth. fang and claw are the tools and there are no limits to the breadth of posts – any media, animals extinct and otherwise who kill for their supper, from solitary Great Whites to hive mind mentality of our Insects, frozen wastes to tropical jungles, dinosaur to primate dominance (discuss!)

Who is the hesitant weasel?

‘I am a Widnes born environmentalist/earth educator/naturalist, with a long list of experiences and ‘tales of conservation at the cutting edge’, my two great passions in life are music, performance  and appreciation, and the natural environment – a graduate of local authority Ranger Services and 12 years delivering Further Education, Lecturing in Countryside Management, Horticulture and Tree Surgery and travelling the country observing wildlife, with a particular love of mammals, reptiles and birds, spiders, Scottish islands, field archaeology, early History (pre mediaeval)  and more importantly working with people and communities.’


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